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Concrete Driveways Calgary And Surrounding Areas, Including: Airdrie; Chestermere; Cochrane; Okotoks.

Are you looking for a concrete driveway contractor? Calgary Concrete Services offers driveway installs and replacements, we’re also keen to provide repair and resurfacing.  Clients often chose us for the extensive experience our crews have in stamped concrete driveways.  

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Concrete Driveways Services Calgary

As concrete contractors in Calgary, Alberta we specialize in supplying residential homeowners with the removal and replacement of old cracked concrete drives, install of high quality new additions to existing concrete pavement, beautiful stamped overlays, exposed aggregate and more.

Calgary Concrete Services is an experienced concrete contractor that can provide custom design solutions that maximize the appearance and role of your concrete driveways. From choosing a design, colour, finish and budget range, our staff will be there with you every step of the way.

Let’s schedule an appointment for us to find out more about your ideas, our recommended choices, and to help you figure out if we are the ideal people for your job. Add value into your driveway now. Phone 403-923-5848 or click below to easily obtain a free estimate on your next concrete driveway project.

Concrete Driveway Repairs

Cracks — these may be brought on by extreme weight, improper concrete mixture, higher temperature, and much more. While fractures are often indicative of something broken on a concrete surface, it can only be a superficial problem. There really is no need to replace a slab when fractures are found. It could just be surface-deep issue . A good resurfacing provides options and is an ideal solution particularly if there are many minor or hairline cracks in the surface.

Spalling — This can be caused by freeze-thaw damage. Concrete is a really porous material so water readily penetrates the slab.

When winter comes, the water could freeze and expand, pushing the concrete until it disturbs and disintegrates.

Removing the weak top layer and replacing it with a coating or overlay is generally the recommended solution for spalling .

Mildew, mold, stubborn stains, and other unpleasant blemishes can make a driveway seem dirty and unkempt. Concrete staining can cover up those and give the driveway a completely different look in colors that complement or match the current color theme of a home. For the ideal Calgary concrete repair call or click below to easily receive a professional estimate from our team.


Asphalt vs Concrete Driveways

Concrete is probably the most popular material once it comes to concrete driveways. It can withstand several harmful elements, such as foot and vehicular traffic, climatic changes, and many more. It is affordable and extremely versatile. However, concrete isn’t generally known for its aesthetics. Decorative concrete and exposed aggregate seek to fill that void and provide a look that will could possibly make neighbors and family envious.

The battle between asphalt and concrete for drives has been happening for too long. There are many ways that concrete is a much better substance for driveway construction than asphalt. It is as durable as time and an affordable alternative for home and commercial business space owners. It’s concrete’s flexibility that makes it a winner. It can be made to look like anything. It can be poured and stained nearly any desired combinations of colours. The possibilities are infinite.

We can recommend a great solution that we are confident you will be happy with for concrete project.

Concrete Driveway Finishes we provide

Broom finished concrete driveways:

Broom finishes are a popular option that would look great on nearly any property. Our crew has mastered this service and we take care to apply the very best process following each step carefully to the end.

Exposed Aggregate Concrete Driveways:

Well done exposed aggregate can often transform the entire look of a property in one pour. This option has become increasingly popular offer in new developments as the go to choice for exterior concrete work.

Stamped Concrete Driveways:

A stamped concrete driveway is surely to turn heads. Thanks to our experience working on all sorts of concrete work we are often referred decorative stamped concrete jobs directly from manufacturers in Calgary because they trust us to get the project done right every time.

And more:

If you can think it, we can deliver on the concrete work with no issues. Contact us today for the best workmanship you could expect from a Calgary concrete company.

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Frequently Asked questions about concrete driveways in calgary.

How Thick Should my concrete driveway be?

This will depend on the earth below your driveway. Typical concrete driveways in Calgary have a 4″-6″ depth. 

How much do Concrete Driveways Cost?

There’s no fixed calculation as to how much resurfacing, refinishing, or fixing an old concrete driveway costs. There are many distinct elements which have to be considered to find out the final price.

The driveway needs to be ready and prepared before anything can be done to it. The amount of cleaning and repairs help determine the overall costs. The sort of coating or stains utilized . Additional services, such as custom grading or stamped concrete could also incur additional expenses. Obtaining a greater concrete driveway is is just a call and click away.

Your concrete driveway plays a massive role in enhancing a property’s curb appeal. If your driveway isn’t doing this right now, Calgary Concrete Services is here to help. In addition, we offer our decorative and stamped concrete services on patios, pool decks, interior flooring and more in the Calgary area.

Let’s have a more comprehensive discussion to learn more about our concrete work . Call to easily request a free consultation and written estimate.

How Often Should I seal my Concrete Driveway in Calgary?

Sealing too often can lead to unsightly cracks in your driveway making the problem worse. Your concrete driveway should be sealed every four to five years or with the recommendation of an expert.

How long before i can use my new concrete driveway?

In Calgary a concrete driveway generally needs 10 days to set before vehicles can be driven over them.

What Type Of Finishes are available?

Nearly any finish is possible with a flat surface such as a concrete driveway. Decorative and exposed aggregate being the most popular.

How long will a concrete driveway last?

A properly maintained concrete pad will easily last above 30 years. 

Do Heated Driveways Work? How much do they cost?

Absolutely they do. When considering the cost of a heated driveway or walkway factor in the reduced cost of snow maintenance.