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Concrete Pads: Calgary And Surrounding Areas Including: Airdrie; Chestermere; Cochrane Okotoks

Concrete pads in Calgary are typically 4”-6” thick inside the center and poured directly on the ground all at one time.. The concrete slab is generally positioned on a layer of sand to be able to improve drainage conditions and to behave as a cushion.


One of their many blessings is that these foundations are normally less expensive to assemble that pier and wood foundations. Since wooden contributors such as floor joists aren’t required, as they are with pier and beam structures, that expense is eliminated. In addition, since there may be no crawlspace underneath them, utility bills associated with air conditioning and heating are lowered.

Another gain of getting a concrete slab foundation is that it doesn’t take lengthy to create them. The slab itself is poured in a single day. 

Concrete Garage Pads Calgary

With the boom in new construction in an round Calgary, Garage Pads have become a competitive market ,every contractor thinks they can and should do them. It’s critical you take into account “you get what you pay for” on foundations and pads, garages being most often where the corners are cut. 


Concrete Parking Pad Calgary

If you’re looking for a durable driveway constructed to last a lifetime, professionally installed ready mix concrete is a wonderful choice for Calgary.
Concrete is particularly durable, looks nice, and does distinctly well inside the heat and cold.
With proper maintenance you can expect a concrete driveway to last as long as 50 years!
A concrete pad driveway is considerably greater attractive to prospective buyers than a dust or gravel area, and will most often improve property value of a residence more than its install cost.
Concrete calls for little straightforward maintenance, simply power wash and seal.

Concrete Pad Removal

We can remove your old concrete pad. Because we own all of our own equipment, overheads are reduced which leads to a competitive price. Contact us today for all of your concrete pad needs!


Concrete Pad Cost Calgary

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