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Concrete walkways and sidewalks Calgary And Surrounding Areas Including: Airdrie; Chestermere; Cochrane Okotoks

Calgary Concrete Services is a leading contractor pouring concrete walkways and sidewalks in Calgary and surrounding areas. Almost anyone can pour an average sidewalk but our specialty is decorative work that requires much more expertise. We can replace or repair your sidewalk or even give your existing walkway a new look through overlays and or resurfacing

Quality and accountability on every project

Calgary Concrete services has been a top contractor in Alberta for nearly a decade. Our commitment to reliability, expertise and people is what sets us apart from others. We are focused on building long term relationships working hand-in-hand to provide your every concrete need. Contact us today to see why our clients consider us different.

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More than just a walkway

Concrete walkways offer much more than just their utility – they can improve the the curb appeal of any property and are quickly becoming a form of artistic in expression in Calgary through decorative and stamped concrete options.

Plain grey walkways are most commonly seen but because of concretes limitless options trendy designs can be stained, colored, stamped making it a go to choice for homes, shopping centers, retail stores and more.

concrete sidewalks Repair and Resurfacing calgary

Concrete sidewalks typically receieve the most foot traffic behind driveways. Because of our harsh winters they’re often salted and the chemical abuse, abrasion and freezing can cause damage and cracks. Resurfacing concrete walkways can restore and upgrade the appearance of your walkway . Unfortunately if your slab or walkway is badly cracked or settling resurfacing may not be a viable option.  


Frequently Asked Questions about concrete floors in calgary

how can i protect my concrete walkway?

Calgary Concrete Servies can help you seal your sidewalk.

where can i find ideas for concrete walkways?

Our design team can help you find the perfect design to bring your vision to life!

Can I change the look of an existing walkway?

Yes through resurfacing or staining you can entirely rework an existing walkway.

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