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Concrete Floors Calgary

Concrete floors are becoming increasingly popular in Calgary because of the massive values they provide with little drawback. Concrete flooring is a low maintenance solution that can be designed for any budget, offers unlimited creative options, will last for decades and is free of VOC’s.  If you’re looking for a concrete contractor in Calgary, look no further than our expertise.

Floors that will last a lifetime

Calgary Concrete Services is a leading concrete contractor capable of nearly any project small or large.


decades long lifespan

When properly maintained, polished concrete floors can last longer than 100 years. Concrete floors are also extremely strong and resilient withstanding the heavy foot traffic, denting and chipping you would expect with other flooring systems. This lends itself well to forever homes and commercial applications.

unlimited creative options

Design options for concrete floors are nearly limitless. Polishing and colours can be mixed into the concrete or applied to the surface with stains,dyes, coatings, sealers or a combination of the above. Concretes potential enables it to naturally blend in with any room. 


Little Maintenance Required

For the average homeowner, maintaining a properly sealed concrete floor is as easy as sweeping and an occasional mop to keep your floors in tip top shape.  If you tend to have more foot traffic such as in a retail store or warehouse, wax can occasionally  be applied to preserve whats underneath in contrast polished floors don’t require sealers or wax but can dull over time. We can help you determine the best maintenance schedule to keep your floors in great shape for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions about concrete floors in calgary

Are concrete floors expensive?

Concrete floors can fit into any budget.

Where are concrete floors typically used?

Concrete floors are common in nearly every form of construction in Calgary and Southern Alberta

Are concrete floors soundproof?

Concrete floors may not be as good at soundproofing as you’d expect. Some additional materials may be required for best results.

Are concrete floors slippery?

Concrete floors are perfectly safe, comparable to natural stone or brick in most cases.

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