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Concrete Repair: Calgary And Surrounding Areas, Including: Airdrie; Chestermere; Cochrane; Okotoks.​​

CCS has years of experience completing concrete repair and crack filling Calgary. From walkways to foundations we can repair it all PROPERLY. Replacement is costly, save yourself the expense by repairing, call us today! 

Following the assessment of the cracked structure, a suitable restore procedure can be selected. Successful restoration considers the cause(s) of the cracking. For example, if the cracking is primarily because of shrinkage, then it is likely that overtime the cracks will stop. On the other hand, if the cracks are because of a foundation settlement, repair could be of no use until the settlement is finished.

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Concrete Crack Repair

Homeowners love how a concrete basement provides a safe, clean and dry place to keep possessions . What they don’t love is how concrete cracks. Cracks in a basement wall can let in water or symbolize that there may be a structural problem with the foundation. Injecting a basement wall crack with epoxy will stop any water leaks and structurally repair the wall.

Floor Repair

When it comes down to property features that capture your guests attention, concrete floors might not be that high on your list. Sometimes life is more than just making an excellent impression. Concrete floors will almost always crack eventually. Often, it’s only a matter of good luck and time. Stresses, such as tree roots, transferring ground, earthquakes, flooding, rising water tables, and even heavy appliances, can contribute to cracking. Cracking from internal stresses is unavoidable. Basement floors particularly are liable to cracking since they most often are below-grade and consequently are in the direction of tree roots and water tables. It doesn’t help that basement concrete floors are poured quickly and with out much attention paid to quality. Let CCS asses the situation to give you a recommendation on concrete restoration based on years of experience. 

Driveway Repair Calgary

Repairing concrete driveway cracks will help extend the lifetime of your concrete driveway in Calgary. Keeping water, dirt, and debris from penetrating the cracks in the driveway will preserve the cracks from widening and getting worse.

Successfully solving concrete driveway cracks starts first by determining why the crack came about in the first place. If the cracks in  the driveway are small, hairline, 1/8 inch extensive or less, these are usually regular everyday shrinkage cracks. Sawing properly located joints will help reduce or remove those cracks, however some may additionally nevertheless appear.

Driveway cracks wider than 1/4 inch  or more are commonly resulting from some sort of movement inside the concrete, up or down. So, if  the soil under the concrete driveway wasn’t compacted properly, the concrete will settle and motivate a wide crack to appear. If the soil freezes under the concrete driveway it may push upward causing a wide crack.

Repairing a concrete driveway crack is a bit more complex than it sounds, contact us today for a free evaluation.

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What can you repair?

If the damage isn’t too great, almost any concrete surface can be repaired. We have experience repairing concrete patios, driveways, sidewalks, foundations, cracks, furniture and more. We also have experience with concrete lifting and crack sealing in Calgary.