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Concrete staining imparts a unique decorative, richness that can’t be achieved by any other colouring option. Utilizing our expertise Calgary Concrete Services can produce eye-popping surfaces the results can even mimic polished marble, leather, natural stone or even stained wood. Need a concrete stain for patio? Look no further than our expert team.

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Calgary Concrete services has been a top contractor in Alberta for nearly a decade. Our commitment to reliability, expertise and people is what sets us apart from others. We are focused on building long term relationships working hand-in-hand to provide your every concrete need. Contact us today to see why our clients consider us different.

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Acid stains vs water-based Concrete staining

Stained concrete comes in two general categories: acid-based chemical stains and water-based acrylic. Both solutions can be applied to concrete new or old. Staining old concrete is especially effective for restoring the shine and luster to surfaces. Most high quality stains have excellent wear resistance making them ideal for   The biggest difference between a water based stain and and an acid based stain is that water based stains come with much more spectrums of colours and tints. Both applications penetrate the concrete surface to produce a permanent colour that won’t fade chip off or fade away.

Concrete Staining produces a unique luxurious look

Frequently Asked Questions about concrete staining in Calgary

Can all concrete be stained?

Both acid and water based stains can be used on new or pre-existing concrete. They can also be used on surfaces you wouldn’t expect such as benches, counter tops and floors.

what are my colour options with stained concrete?

Staining Concrete offers a nearly unlimited choice of colours and designs.

How much does stained concrete cost?

Staining prices vary based on the required work and complexity of design. Contact us today for a free consultation.

will the colour fade?

Because stains chemically change the concrete they will not fade however the top layer overtime could wear away giving the appearance of fading. Proper sealer when applied will protect against this. 

how do i maintain my stained concrete?

A thorough maintenance schedule can be recommended by our experts, daily maintenance looks like sweeping and mopping. Beyond that a sealer should be reapplied as needed based on how much foot traffic and abuse the floor withstands.

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