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Concrete Steps Calgary and Surrounding Areas, Including: Airdrie; Chestermere; Cochrane; Okotoks.

Concrete steps or stairways are a key characteristic of any building, especially in Calgary. most often however they’re looked at purely for their utility. Stepping up your plain grey old steps with a stamp or stain will add dramatic characteristic to your property. These concrete stamps are available in nearly any pattern and the combination with colours is nearly limtless. 

Precast Concrete Steps Calgary

Compared with pour steps, pre-cast concrete steps offer many benefits such as their weight and durability not to mention speed of construction. Pre-cast concrete steps have been becoming increasingly popular as companies try to shorten their construction cycle.  Call us today to arrange your precast stair delivery and install.


Concrete Steps repair and resurfacing

Instead of going through the costly process of replacing your concrete steps why not consider concrete step repair or resurface them? CCS are experts at identifying the source of concrete deterioration and treating it appropriately, ultimately saving you tons of time and money. Get rid of all cracks, dents and stains, call us today!

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How long before my steps are ready?

Within the first day or two the steps will have reached 70% hardness, a full 28 days are required for it to reach its peak strength.