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Concrete sealing in Calgary And Surrounding Areas, Including: Airdrie; Chestermere; Cochrane; Okotoks.

Concrete Sealing is a critical step to maintaining your concrete whether its a patio, driveway or stained floor. A proper application will protect your concrete from water damage from the  freeze/that cycles we have in Calgary, stains from dirt, oil, deicing salts and much more. If you make the commitment to decorative concrete, ensure you take the steps to properly protect it. 

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Calgary Concrete services has been a top concrete sealing contractor in Calgary for nearly a decade. Our commitment to reliability, expertise and people is what sets us apart from others. We are focused on building long term relationships working hand-in-hand to provide your every concrete need. Contact us today to see why our clients consider us different.

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Protection from the elements With concrete Sealing

Penetrating sealers react chemically with concrete to provide a shield against moisture penetration and chemicals, this is most often used in to protect against Calgary’s heavy freeze/thaw cycle while providing a natural, matte finish if desired. For interior and (some exterior) applications, Acrylics, Polyurethanes and Epoxies are used to build a film on the concrete service that protects against, foot traffic and scuffs while enhancing the natural beauty. Choosing the proper sealer will ensure your concrete is protected from whatever is thrown at it.

keep your concrete looking spectacular or restore restore its former beauty

Acrylic and Urethane based are available in a wide variety to enhance the colour and gloss of your concrete. If you’re looking for that “wet look” this is the way to go. These applications can often have old, worn concrete looking brand new. 


Sealing Exposed Aggregate

We recommend everyone in Calgary to seal their exposed aggregate primarily to protect against our harsh weather and increase the lifespan but also to enhance the natural colours. Most sealers are an acrylic film filling resin that protects against freeze/thaw, dust, stains, deicing salts and abrasion.

The sealing products are 

  • Non-yellowing and UV resistant (sun degrades epoxy overtime and creates a yellow apperance)
  • If desired provides a glossy soaking wet look that deepens the rich colours
  • Resistant to oil, grease, salt and other stains
  • Can be re-coated 

It is ideal to seal exposed aggregate when its fresh however sealing can still be applied existing concrete provided the surface is properly cleaned and free from dirt, oil, grease etc.

Frequently Asked Questions about Concrete Sealing in Calgary

How long before i seal my concrete?

There are some sealers that require less than a typical 28 day hardening cycle.

will sealing concrete prevent stain?

This is dependent on the type of sealer used. Penetrating sealers will offer no stain protection for example.

What concrete surfaces should i seal in calgary?

Any exterior concrete in calgary should be sealed because of our heavy freeze-thaw cycle.

what if i don't seal my concrete?

You concrete will be damaged by salt, the weather and other liquid damage.

how much does it cost to seal concrete?

The price to seal concrete is entirely dependent on the surface, contact us today for a free evaluation.

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