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As decorative concrete gains popularity more and more clients are opting for an exposed aggregate finish in Calgary. Comparable to a granite or marble surface that needs to be polished to reveal what lies beneath, exposed aggregates beauty is underneath the concrete surface in the form of natural or decorative aggregate.  Although the process is straight-forward there is a lot more that goes into it than just pouring and placing. Our expertise with decorative finishes shines through in this area, providing Calgarians with eyepopping features since 2008.

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Calgary Concrete services has been a top concrete contractor in Calgary ab for nearly a decade. Our commitment to reliability, expertise and people is what sets us apart from others. We are focused on building long term relationships working hand-in-hand to provide your every concrete need. Contact us today to see why our clients consider us different.

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advantages of an aggregate finish

Exposed aggregate concrete delivers a stunning decorative look while still maintaining affordability because only a few extra tools and materials are required. 

Additionally exposed aggregate has many advantages including


  • Durable, non-slip surface resistant to our harsh weather and foot traffic
  • There are many styles of exposed aggregate to chose from, texture, size and colour, your options are limitless
  • Because of its versatility its perfect for most surfaces and can be made to match or contrast other decorative concrete
  • Low-maintenance, we can recommend a schedule for sealing, occasional cleaning

Choosing the right aggregate for your Concrete project

The finished look of your exposed aggregate is largely based on what aggregate you chose. There are many factors to consider. Price of an exposed aggregate project can vary based on what materials are chosen, more expensive aggregate isn’t needed to create beautiful finishes.

Here are the main factors we think you should consider when choosing an exposed aggregate.

  • Colour
  • Hardness
  • Exposure Method
  • Strength
  • Aggregate Size
  • Cost & Availability

The most common forms of aggregate are coloured stones like granite, quartz and limestone although the options are nearly limitless. Interesting combinations between natural and manufactured construction materials such as seashells and coloured glass. 


Design ideas for exposed aggregate concrete in calgary ab

Aggregate finishes look great on their own. But if you want to get creative, you can design something truly unique by using some of our tricks of the trade. Here are some of the possibilities we’ve suggested to clients as concrete contractors in the past.

  • Contrasting colours, a mixture between smooth and exposed concrete
  • Different levels of exposure, for example sections that are next to eachother or a design can be sandblasted to give a unique look.
  • Overfill the surface on driveways or sidewalks to create a near pebble like appearance
  • Acid or Water Stains to highlight the colours
  • Wooden bands or separating strips
  •  Stamp + Stain Technique as seen below
exposed concrete stamp

We’d like to include perhaps the most beautiful piece of concrete art that we’ve seen. Engraving is rarely considered when designing concrete. With a vision, artistic masterpieces are possible through the combination of engraving and staining to contrast the exposed aggregate. We look forward to help bringing your ideas to conception in Calgary AB

"River Return" - Mission Concepción Park in San Antonio, Texas, Stacy Levy

Project name: Mission Concepción
Owner: San Antonio River Foundation
Artist: Stacy Levy, Spring Hills, Pa. (
Concrete staining: Sundek, San Antonio, Texas
Concrete engraving: Blazing Laser Art & Engraving, Stockdale, Texas (
Total square footage: 7,264 square feet
Project time frame: 01/16 to 10/16

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We have been making homeowners smile with our exposed aggregate services in Calgary for over a decade, mastering our craft to provide an outstanding service result every time.  No-matter the scope, we are confident that if you chose us, you won’t be disappointed when you chose us as your concrete contractors.

Repairs & Maintenance:

Is your pre-existing aggregate starting to look dull or even worse severely damaged. Let our expertise shine through by helping you with a value focused opinion on repair, resurfacing or replacement of exposed aggregate.

Speed & Quality

Our crews work one project at a time, starting early and staying late if necessary to ensure the fastest turnaround while maintaining our commitment to quality and accountability on your concrete project.

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Frequently Asked Questions about exposed aggregate in calgary

What Is Exposed Aggregate? Where Is It Used?

Very simply exposed aggregate is a decorative concrete finish used by which the “cement skin” surface is removed to reveal what is underneath. Because of its strength and antislip properties it makes an ideal finish for flatwork often featured in Calgary

  • Concrete Driveways 
  • Exposed Aggregate Sidewalks
  • Exposed Patios
  • Plazas

However it is still possible to do vertical surfaces most commonly.

  • Retaining Walls
  • Garden Planters
  • Steps

How much does exposed aggregate cost?

Cost is largely based on the complexity of the project as well as the choice of decorative concrete aggregates. Contact us today for a design consultation for your next concrete project this coming 2021 season.

Is exposed aggregate slippery?

No! In fact its quite the opposite. Exposed aggregates decorative concrete texture adds a little extra grip compared to traditional concrete finishes in construction.

Have more questions? Read more about exposed aggregate in this article covering everything you need to know about exposed aggregate

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