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Sport Courts Calgary And Surrounding Areas, Including: Airdrie; Chestermere; Cochrane; Okotoks.

Are you looking for a sport court contractor? Calgary Concrete Services can make your sports dreams come to life through our customized multi-courts for basketball, hockey, and tennis, bring the game home with you!

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Bringing a Refined Sport-Court Experience To Calgary!

What makes CCS special?


Calgary Concrete Services has pioneered in court surfaces as far back as the memory goes; our surfaces have proved to be comfortable yet strong and provide a quality gaming experience. A well-designed court has no grave consequences on the bones and joints and even be healthy for the athletes and sometimes even young ones who may use the courts for casual playtimes.


Basketball Courts, Tennis Courts, Hockey Courts, You Name It, We Got It All Covered!!


Here are some features that we offer:

Limitless Customization Options

More often than not, it happens that some of our clients require courts to be built in some really non-mainstream options such as indoors. A client may require half a basketball court in the living room of their home, or may even require two halves of different types of courts joined together transitioning from inside to out! Custom floor options and colors may also be required. But you can put all those customizability option apprehensions to rest! We here at CCS ensure you get the court of your dreams without any hassles.


Our experienced and professional builders and architects ensure you get the custom sport court you desire, with great architectural support and quality materials.

Breakthrough Construction Methods

Often, poorly built courts may display cracks in them and also their construction materials for the flooring may wither away with prolonged playtime. But CCS’s construction methods can put even the most rugged players to the test. We allow tiny spaces between flooring material so that thermal expansion during changing weather does not lead to cracks.


Supplementing our flooring made with quality sand dressed turfs, and an in-built drainage system (for hockey) can ensure players don’t have to deal with puddles and subsequent dirt.

Our basketball courts are furnished with high quality wooden flooring which ensures long play sessions don’t affect the joints and bones of the seasoned players.

Easy Maintenance

Keeping a sport court comes with its fair-share of maintenance issues. Proper drainage and cleaning of these courts can be an issue. Also withering paints and broken nets can be an unwanted hassle. Worry not for we at Calgary Concrete Services provide professional maintenance services at minimal costs. Our professionally trained servicemen will come on-site, assess the damages and provide you with estimates about the magnitude of repairing and servicing your court needs. They will then immediately start making your court as brand-new as it was delivered by us!

Fast Turn-Around And Reasonable Prices

We here at CCS  ensure you get the fastest delivery of your courts with reasonable cost. Our builders will visit the site and give you a professional estimate of how long your court will take to deliver. We have been constructing and servicing courts in Calgary as far back as the memory goes.  Our professional team of builders are polite and steadfast in delivering your courts.


A simple question may arise in your mind about how costly our world-class services actually are.

Worry not for we ensure you get the most reasonable and low prices for a professional and or a casual playcourt . Our construction materials like flooring, nets, etc. are sourced from areas around Calgary which ensures faster deliveries and quality sport courts. This also keeps the local communities working and ensures a healthy symbiotic relationship between the local businesses and our company.


Like What You Hear?

If you need a professional or a customized basketball, hockey or a tennis court as fast as possible with refined and tasteful craftsmanship, CCS are your go-to service! Make a professional statement with our stellar sport-courts.

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Frequently Asked questions about concrete driveways in calgary.

How Thick Should my concrete driveway be?

This will depend on the earth below your driveway. Typical concrete driveways in Calgary have a 4″-6″ depth. 

How much do Concrete Driveways Cost?

There’s no fixed calculation as to how much resurfacing, refinishing, or fixing an old concrete driveway costs. There are many distinct elements which have to be considered to find out the final price.

The driveway needs to be ready and prepared before anything can be done to it. The amount of cleaning and repairs help determine the overall costs. The sort of coating or stains utilized . Additional services, such as custom grading or stamped concrete could also incur additional expenses. Obtaining a greater concrete driveway is is just a call and click away.

Your concrete driveway plays a massive role in enhancing a property’s curb appeal. If your driveway isn’t doing this right now, Calgary Concrete Services is here to help. In addition, we offer our decorative and stamped concrete services on patios, pool decks, interior flooring and more in the Calgary area.

Let’s have a more comprehensive discussion to learn more about our concrete work . Call to easily request a free consultation and written estimate.

How Often Should I seal my Concrete Driveway in Calgary?

Sealing too often can lead to unsightly cracks in your driveway making the problem worse. Your concrete driveway should be sealed every four to five years or with the recommendation of an expert.

How long before i can use my new concrete driveway?

In Calgary a concrete driveway generally needs 10 days to set before vehicles can be driven over them.

What Type Of Finishes are available?

Nearly any finish is possible with a flat surface such as a concrete driveway. Decorative and exposed aggregate being the most popular.

How long will a concrete driveway last?

A properly maintained concrete pad will easily last above 30 years. 

Do Heated Driveways Work? How much do they cost?

Absolutely they do. When considering the cost of a heated driveway or walkway factor in the reduced cost of snow maintenance.