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In search of concrete polishing in Calgary, Alberta ?  Calgary Concrete Services is a leading concrete contractor providing polishing services Protect against heavy foot traffic, scuffs and dents by calling us today.

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Polished Concrete will last a lifetime

Polished concrete creates a high gloss finish that doesn’t require any waxing. This floor system is popular in offices, retail establishments, industrial institutions and warehouses. Homeowners in Calgary, Alberta are now taking advantage of the aesthetic and appeal of these high gloss floors which could mimic the appearance of polished stone.

Adding to the appeal of glistening concrete is that you can choose its level of sheen depending upon your aesthetic and upkeep requirements. That is because since the application on glossy concrete is a multi-step process. We’ve got some of the best equipment and systems related to concrete grinding and that helps us provide a great job every time.

The concrete polishing process requires using specialized machines with diamond discs in addition to a good deal of experience to attain the desired smoothness and glow. It is therefore a must to work with the finest Alberta polished concrete contractors.

Polished concrete in your Alberta home or commercial buildings will supply you with these added benefits.

* Permits you to give your flooring a whole new look without having to shell out so much.

* Allows you to have a flooring system having an attractive and striking appearance in your own desired unique way.

* Allows you to have a comfortable and appealing Alberta home.

* Scratch resistant because the concrete surface was hardened and finished by a professional

* Allows you to tint and stamp floors to bring a new dimension to your existing concrete flooring. It’s offered in a wide variety of designs and colours, too

* Unlike rugs and tiles, concrete floors do not have grout joints which could draw in dust and allergens.

* Makes new or existing concrete floor more lasting giving it a longer lifespan without the need to repair

* Delivers excellent value and aesthetic beauty.

* Supplies a unique flooring system.

* Fast curing time for your floor

* Low maintenance cost.

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Cost Savings with Polishing Concrete

Polished concrete floors that utilizes the base slab doesn’t require any additional materials to finish. Additionally you will never need to wax and strip the floor, time in between service is typically longer when compared to other solutions.

Easy To Maintain / Low Maintenance

Polished concrete doesn’t harbour dust, dirt or allergens. Routine maintenance looks like wet/dust mopping as needed.  Overtime a polished floor will lose its luster but that can easily be fixed by re-polishing the concrete.  

Frequently Asked Questions about concrete polishing in calgary

How much does concrete polishing cost?

Polishing costs can range, contact us today to receive a free estimate for your floor or furniture.

how does Concrete polishing work?

Very simply, machines grind down the surface of concrete to the desired sheen, sealer is applied to this newly created surface and a wet or dry polish is used to finish.

Is Polished Concrete slippery?

Polished concrete flooring can look smoother than polished marble or waxed linoleum but they tend to be less slippery and are completely safe to walk on. Often time the sealer coat will contain additives to increase it’s anti-grip ability. 

Can all concrete be polished?

Almost any concrete floor whether old or new could be polished. Older floors must be extensively prepped to remove dirt, grease, coatings, blemishes etc before polishing. Some floors that are extremely waving or need extensive patching might not be as suitable. Email or call Calgary Concrete Services and book a free consultation.