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Radiant Floor Heating is often a consideration for concrete floors Calgary. Save money on heating while enjoying the benefit of having your floors feel like a sandy beach all day. When properly installed your system will last as long as the concrete itself.

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comfortable floors year round

Radiant flooring is a simple solution for heating floors by providing ground up heating through tubes that circulate hot water or electrical heating elements installed underneath the surface. This allows for the temperature to easily be regulated quickly without the drafts you can expect with a forced air system.  Waking up to a concrete floor feeling like a warm rug in the winter is a special delight.

save on heating costs

With Radiant Floor Heating you’ll typically pay lower energy costs than a forced air system because the solutions typically require less energy to provide the same effect.  If you have an existing concrete floor there are still options available such as ultra thing electrical heating mats. 

Frequently Asked Questions about concrete floors in calgary

How Does Radiant Floor Heating Work?

Radiant floor heating works by pushing hot water through tubes or an electrical element installed underneath the surface.

How Much does radiant floor heating cost?

Costs are dependent on the system required contact us today for a free quote.

Can I heat an entire house with radiant floor heating?

No, additional heating will still be required.

Can I heat my driveway?

Absolutely, heated driveways are becoming increasingly popular in Calgary as the cost of snow removal steadily increases.

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