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Concrete walls have unlimited potential and options for nearly everything, seat walls; decorative interior or exterior finishes, sound blocking walls surrounding roads, retaining walls for landscaping and more. Calgary Concrete Services has done it all and is proud to offer our expertise to meet your needs. Submit our form or call us today for more information.

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Calgary Concrete services has been a top contractor in Alberta for nearly a decade. Our commitment to reliability, expertise and people is what sets us apart from others. We are focused on building long term relationships working hand-in-hand to provide your every concrete need. Contact us today to see why our clients consider us different.

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decorative walls

Architectural Concrete Walls

If you’ve ever driven down Macleod Trail in Calgary its impossible to not notice the amazing larger than life designs that line the highway. Architetural Concretew alls with graphics with original artwork graphed into the surface has been gaining popularity in cities world wide changing the landscape from bland gray walls to a unique cultural element. These designs offer unlimited possibilities. Here you can see some of our favorites.

Seat Walls

A simple Low-Cost Way to incorporate focal points. Seat walls also serve as a focal point that can define greatly alter a landscape creating seating and entertainment areas while strategically blocking lines of sight.  

vertical Wall Textures and stamps

You’ve certainly have seen how decorative stamping can enhance and add drama to concrete floors, sidewalks, driveways, patios and other surfaces. Did you know you can use wall overlays and stamps to do so over almost any vertical surface including primed drywall?  

Calgary Concrete Services can construct retaining walls using almost any material but our focus is poured monolithic concrete walls. Retainng walls can transform a hillside adding beautiful usable space with seeping curves and lighting. Decorative finishes can be applied to create a nique look.

Segmental Walls

Segmental walls are made of concrete blocks that lock into eachother. Some of the advantages are rapid construction, ease of curvature and grade changes, no need for a footing. 


home building with concrete walls

Calgary Concrete Services can tackle any concrete wall project from duraform to ICF. 

Frequently Asked Questions about concrete walls in calgary

hpw much do concrete walls cost?

This is completely dependent on the scope of the project. Contact us today to find out more.

can you paint concrete basement walls?

Yes but you shouldn’t .Here’s why

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