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Top 25 stamped concrete designs

Stamped Concrete also called decorative, textured or imprinted concrete, replicates natural surfaces. Stamping adds a unique aesthetic to driveways, patios, sidewalks and more. Here we will show you the 25 most popular stamped concrete patterns in Calgary. *Updated 2024*

1. Blue Stone


Replicates the Blue Stone often found in driveways and pavers for much less.

2. Ashlar Slate


This pattern mimics the finely dressed masonry featured in Creitan Palaces and the Inca Architecture of Machu Piccu.

3. Basket Weave brick Pattern

One of the many stamps used to replicate brick in Calgary/

4. London Cobble Stone


Bring the look of an English garden to your backyard or front porch!

5. Fieldstone Rock Pattern

fieldstone concrete pattern calgary

Typically coming in 32×32 inch stamps, this pattern gives walls and walkways a natural stone look.

6. Colorado Buff Flagstone

Flagstone pattern made to replicate the lighter colours like pink and cream found in Colorado quarries.

7. 3" hardwood Planks


Give your concrete an unbelievable natural wood look.

8. Herringbone Brick

Similar to the basketweave problem except this includes includes a running bond.

9. Heavy Stone

heavystone pattern calgary

Heavy leaves a luxurious imprint on indoor and outdoor concrete replicating large slabs of natural stone.

10. Rock Salt Pattern

rock salt pattern Calgary

A surface level rock salt pattern mimics natural porous material

11. 12" Wood Plank

Another mindblowing stamp used to replicate wood

12. Solider Course Brick


Another stunning brick stamp commonly used on exterior walls.

13. Alpine Broadstone

Natural broadstone look

14. Oxford Slate

Oxford Slate gives a sophisticated look to any concrete project.

15. Appalachian Flagstone

This flagstone pattern is popular for backyard patios, entrances and commercial lobbies.

16. Mayan Cobblestone

An old world look replicating ancient Mayan cobblestone

17. Old Chicago Brick

This pattern replicates the old Chicago brick style prevalent across North America

18. English Riverstone

An Olde English pattern common in Europe

19. Italian Slate

This pattern replicates high quality Italian Slate

20. Baltic Cobbletone

A gorgeous old european stamp

21. Tetra Stone

This Tetra Stone stamp is one of the most commonly used patterns in Calgary

21. Cottage Slate

This simple stamp gives the look of an rustic cottage

22. Verona Cobblestone

Cobblestone pattern from Verona, Italy

23. Pebblestone

Pebblestone gives a unique texture matching exposed aggregate 

24. majestic Slate

A truly majestic slate look

25. Dublin Cobblestone

Similar to other cobblestone, this pattern gives a more rustic natural look.

There you have it

The 25 top concrete patterns in Calgary. If you have any questions or would like to recieve a free quote on your next project, contact us today.

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